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August 03, 2009


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I prefer the chocolate cake because you can eat it with coffee or milk and the flavor is better than the other one. the ingredients are simple so the preparation is really fast.

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The local restaurants in Cambridge are using social media to promote their business, with a special emphasis on Facebook and Twitter. As part of the hands-on workshop, participants will use their laptops to create their own Facebook pages and learn how to tweet. In addition, Pixability, Inc. of Cambridge will bring flip-cameras and show participants how to create their own videos to use as part of their social media mix. And Christos Eliopoulos of Cambridge-based Mobilaurus, will demonstrate the newest smartphone application which allows restaurant customers to place their orders and pre-pay takeout orders directly from their smartphones.


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cake is so great, very nice and how do you do it? I wanna study...ok??

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There’s certainly a gap between what serious people think and what Robert Peston thinks. Why is he the BBC’s Business Editor again? Anyone would think they didn’t want properly informed business commentary.

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Uhhh, double post script. Duff wrote me to tell me: “Lauren’s boyfriend is in Ponytail, Katherines boyfriend is in Beach House.”

I guess it was never meant to be.

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He actually fired a guy for wearing black jeans because Thomas is the only guy who's allowed to wear black jeans in the kitchen.

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Such a beautiful dish for dinner.

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black jeans because Thomas is the only guy who's allowed to wear black jeans in the kitchen.

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Thomas Keller was very very cool but he kept telling the guy

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Everybody is asking why is he so stubborn in that subject.

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That man, Duff Goldman is very heavy he needs to work out.

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