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May 14, 2009


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I think you're woefully missing the point. I don't think the chef's critique of Mr. Mariani has anything to do with his announcing his visit. So when you say that "there is so much wrong with this chef's behavior" it appears as though you're conflating two critiques of Mr. Mariani.

It is MenuPages and not the chef that remarks on Mr. Mariani's announced visit, whereas the chef was commenting on the assorted crap Mr. Mariani brought to the restaurant, and the pretense of handing a business card to the barkeep to make his drink.

Should the chef had called Mr. Mariani a douchebag? Maybe not. It is a bit unprofessional. But can I (not in the restaurant biz)? Absolutely. From the sound of it, Mr. Mariani is a Grade-A douche.

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